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We are a sailing charter company that offers catamaran charters & excursions in the heart of Bermuda. We offer a wide variety of adventures, from private romantic cruises and sunset sails to full day adventures! We want to share our passion for the water and Bermuda with those around us; we introduce our customers to everything the maritime experience has to offer, from tranquility to adventure!

Custom designed for excursions, Restless Native is also one of the best equipped catamarans in Bermuda featuring a full bar, dining tables, state of the art stereo system, bathroom facilities, bean bag chairs, hammocks, swim noodles, snorkel gear, stand up paddle boards, and kayaks.



First launched back in 1997, The Restless Native is Bermuda's only locally built day charter catamaran, a long-term labor of love for its creator Kirk Ward and his son. The boat's custom design was the outcome of years of experience in the charter industry.


"It became clear to me that all of the boats being used for charter work in Bermuda were all wrong for the job. They were designed to carry 4 to 6 people, but there I was with 18 onboard - an obstacle course of legs and feet, people sitting on hand rails and hatches, beers tipping over every time I changed course!

I was quick to recognize the superior features of a multi-hull vessel: dramatically improved performance, stability, speed, space and comfort.

I bought an old British racing trimaran that I called Hat Trick, and converted it to meet my needs. But in a couple of years we realized Hat Trick was too small - I'd seen people crying on the dock because there was no room onboard. The time had come to build my dream boat: two and a half years of epoxy, dust, blood sweat and tears, and all our savings, but we finally launched Restless Native and never looked back."

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